Environmental solutions

Program overview
Efficient, fast, accurate and comprehensive laboratory analysis capabilities are essential for environmental testing and monitoring. Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. must be your best choice if you want to find a comprehensive, accurate and high-quality solution for environmental industry laboratory analytical instruments. We provide a full set of solutions for various types of samples in the environmental industry, such as multi-category analytical instruments, complete testing solutions, technical support, data processing and analysis. We have the most comprehensive category of laboratory analytical instruments in China, covering chromatography and spectroscopy, including liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc., among which the liquid chromatograph has the domestic leading technology level and the most complete detector types and meet the testing needs of various parameters of water, soil, air and solid waste in the environmental industry; The ion chromatography technology has reached the international leading level and has a comprehensive system solution. With international leading technology, the atomic absorption spectrophotometer provides a complete set of solutions for the analysis of various elements in the environmental industry. The environmental industry testing solutions of Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. meet the needs of environmental water, soil, air, solid waste and other samples, and provide you with a one-stop solution
Scheme composition
1. Application scenario: Environmental testing laboratory analysis
2. Provide instruments: liquid chromatograph (ultraviolet, fluorescence, evaporative light scattering, diode array detector); Ion chromatograph (anion/cation system, anion/cati
Scheme features
1. Many types of instruments can meet the analysis of various matrix-related parameters in the environmental industry, and there are multiple models to choose, which can meet multi-directional needs;
2. It can provide a full set of application support programs and conduct on-site training.
Industry application
1. Handbook for Application of Liquid Chromatograph in Environmental Industry
2. Handbook for Application of Ion Chromatograph in Environmental Industry
3. Handbook for Application of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer in Environmental I
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