Smart environment

Smart environmental protection platform

Program overview
Scheme composition
The smart environmental protection platform is mainly used in various chemical parks or environmental protection departments at all levels that need to build a smart information-based platform, applying cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to form a three-dimensional grid environmental management pattern, so as to achieve standardization of environmental information & data and dynamic environmental monitoring and supervision. It provides the unified management and display of environmental monitoring data in the park or the area under administration and provides data support for intelligent decision-making and scientific control by the management.
Scheme features

1. The monitoring data is combined with the geographic information data, intuitively providing data queries and analysis solutions.  

2. Data review and revision can ensure the quality of the data and escort the monitoring;

3. Rich means of monitoring and warning can enable notification of "out of limits" found in monitoring and equipment failures;
4. The modularity, multi-dimensional permission settings for data, and a variety of encryption algorithms for system data can ensure the security of the system and data;
5. Complete data interface is provided to ensure the expandability of the platform;
6. Data analysis is diversified to provide effective regulatory means for consumers.

Industry application
Chemical parks and ecological and environmental departments at all levels
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