IC6200 Ion chromatograph

Product overview
Ion chromatography is a kind of high performance liquid chromatography, so it is also called high performance ion chromatography (HPIC) or modern ion chromatography. It is different from traditional ion exchange column chromatography mainly because that resin has high cross-linking degree and low exchange capacity, the sample volume is very small, and normally, a plunger pump is used to pump eluent for on-line automatic continuous conductivity detection of leachate.
Performance characteristics
The high configuration contains an ion chromatography system. The standard configuration contains a reagent-free eluent generator, which has three modes: hydroxide, carbonate and methane sulfonic acid system, so users can conveniently realize gradient elution without configuring eluent. A foreign ion capture device is built in the conversion system of hydroxide and methane to reduce background conductivity and baseline noise.
Industry application
Environment, food, medicine, agriculture, grain and oil, and chemical industry
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