Wayeal's Live Broadcast Activity was Successfully Launched

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Keeping up with the World and Working with Advanced Technology

Wayeal's Live Broadcast Activity was Successfully Launched

The theme of “Keeping up with the world and working with advanced technology” live video conference was succeeded conducted by Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd on the morning of 15th April, 2022.

Keeping up with the world and working with advanced technology Wayeal's virtual exhibition and conference was successfully launched.

In order to make the customer's live visit experience more realistic and effective, and to perfectly present the R&D, production and brand strength of Wayeal, our colleagues communicated with the sales manager several times before the virtual conference to understand the customer's needs, and then meet the customer's needs. In addition, before the official virtual conference, we conducted several mock rehearsals to optimize the flow of the virtual conference, and carefully planned and prepared for the details and contents of the virtual conference.

Conference proceedings:

1. Welcome and thanks to the participants

2. Company Introduction

3. Company showroom, R & D strength,production capacity and laboratories and other comprehensive display and introduction

4. Technical discussions and exchanges

The virtual conference was an immersive way for customers to get a full view of the company without having to leave home. In the form of "virtual conference + technical exchange", the clients will have a comprehensive understanding of the hard and soft power of Wayeal's R&D and production. Interpret the technical connotation of key products and explore the possibility of more cooperation. In the future, Wayeal will continue to serve enterprises and customers by building and improving the digital display platform, which is also the original intention of this virtual conference.

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