Automotive radiator solutions

Program overview
As an important part of the engine, the heat exchange system for automobile engine plays an important role in automobiles and protects the engine to maintain a proper temperature range under working conditions. Leakage detection is an important indicator for quality control. In case of leakage in the heat exchange system, the function of the engine may be greatly reduced, and even its cooling function may be completely lost. Moreover, the engine may be damaged due to high temperature. As a R&D and production integrator of professional leak detection equipment, the air tightness detection system of Wanyi Science and Technology also performs in-depth research on the air tightness test of automobile heat exchangers, and the high-precision differential pressure air tightness leak detection system, which has been developed and put into production for many years, can continuously meet the needs of all users.
Scheme composition
Air tightness leak detector, double branch switching system, test bench, industrial computer, label printer, pneumatic plugging head, etc.
Scheme features
The equipment is equipped with a dual-station switching system according to the characteristics of the radiator industry. It satisfies the function of the leak detector to perform cyclical detection between two stations. Namely, during the detection process of Station A, the operator can replace the parts to be tested in Station B. This arrangement can greatly save the time occupied by the fixtures and effectively improve the production efficiency. The configured industrial computer and label printer form a complete data traceability system, which can effectively guarantee quality traceability of the products.
Industry application
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