WMS1800 automatic water quality monitoring station

Product overview
The WMS1800 automatic water quality monitoring station includes a standardized and modularized online automatic intelligent environmental monitoring system integrating a sampling unit, a water distribution and pretreatment unit, an analysis unit, a control and data collection/transmission unit, a sample retention unit, a quality control unit, an auxiliary unit and a power environment monitoring unit. The system is reasonable, reliable, practical and economical in design, simple and convenient in operation and maintenance, low in operation and maintenance costs, and safe and concise in operating, can fully meet national standards and other national norms and regulations of the Ministry of Water Resources and satisfy the requirements of real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality; It can transmit the information of water quality and system operating status to the monitoring center, so that the staff can grasp the status of water quality in timely and accurately and realize automatic and remote monitoring of water quality.
Performance characteristics
Its design is advanced scientifically;
The system is safe, environmentally friendly, stable and reliable;
Its measurement is accurate and highly reliable;
Reagent consumption is less and operating cost is low;
The application range is wide and the degree of commercialization is high;
With modular design, the system has a high degree of integration;
The analysis method consistent with the national standard is adopted, so that it can meet a variety of different water-quality online monitoring needs.
Industry application
It can be widely used in water quality monitoring fields in surface water (river, lake, reservoir), drinking water source, estuary and so on.
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