WMS1800x outdoor small online automatic water quality monitoring system

Product overview
WMS1800x outdoor small automatic water quality monitoring system is a comprehensive online automatic monitoring system composed of modern sensors, automatic measurement, automatic control, computerized contour technology, special phase-difference analysis software and communication network. It is a digital management platform for real-time online monitoring of surface water, drinking water and reservoir water sources, and coastal marine areas and an important technical means for environmental supervision departments to effectively monitor environmental change factors of water sources and control environmental pollution. The small automatic water quality monitoring system occupies a smaller area, has a high degree of integration and is suitable for places where a small area is required for the station building.
Performance characteristics
The system is highly integrated, covers an area of 6m2 and can be customized for relevant services;
As the method specified in the national standard is adopted, it is stable in performance indicators and high in accuracy;
The design of outer color steel plate offers high airtightness, water proofing and anti-shock;
Multi-level lightning protection and uninterruptible power supply configuration can ensure the communication and power supply safety of the system;
It has an independent reagent refrigeration and temperature-holding system;
It has the functions of ultrasonic cleaning and air back flushing;
It can complete the testing of nine conventional parameters and can be expanded to test other units, such as chlorophyll, blue-green algae, etc.;
It has such quality control functions as zero sample verification, standard sample verification, automatic span verification, automatic spike-and-recovery rate, etc.;
It can complete environmental monitoring (temperature and humidity, smoke, flooding, access control, etc.) and automatic diagnosis.
Industry application
It can be widely used in water quality monitoring fields in surface water (river, lake, reservoir), urban river, urban pipe networks, grid water quality, drinking water source, estuary and so on.
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