AQ7010 SO2 analyzer

Product overview
AQ7010 sulfur dioxide analyzer is a SO2 analyzer based on ultraviolet fluorescence technology, which can be used to detect the ppb~ppm level of SO2 concentration. It is one of the important analyzers in the ambient air quality monitoring system and can be used to detect the SO2 concentration level among the ambient air quality parameters.
Performance characteristics
1. It is equipped with a color screen and can be operated by a touch screen;
2. It is provided with the function of environmental parameter compensation;
3. Its adaptive filtering optimizes the response time;
4. It supports remote calibration and parameter diagnosis;
5. The built-in memory can store average data of three months;
6. Its multi-ranges are optional;
7. It has the function of multi-parameter alarm;
8. It has the function of graded password authority control;
9. The system is highly integrated and is sturdy and durable;
10. The internal structure can be maintained easily.
Industry application
Ambient air monitoring, leakage monitoring in industrial parks, regional background station monitoring, mobile environmental monitoring vehicles