WS1806 online automatic five-parameter water quality monitor

Product overview
The WS1806 online five-parameter monitor is a general-purpose controller, which can be connected to smart electrodes and multi-parameter electrodes and display the measured values and electrode status in real time. Compared with similar ones, this product has a lower failure rate, a lower maintenance and a higher cost performance.
Performance characteristics
The sensors can be assembled and interchanged arbitrarily, plug and play, and the instrument has the function of automatic recognition;
color touch screen and Chinese operation interface make the operation easily;
with data storage, viewing and exhibition functions, the storage period can be customized;
The transmitter with IP65 protection level and the probe with IP68 protection level can meet various outdoor and indoor installation requirements.
Industry application
Surface water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, water plants, industrial processes, aquaculture and other industries.