LG1100 laser gas analyzer

Product overview
The laser gas analyzer can measure flue gas with high temperature (1500 ℃), high pressure (3bar) and high dust (500g/m3) and can realize in-situ analysis in the work site; and the corresponding time of laser gas analyzer is very short and is a real "real-time online" analytical instrument. It can be used for CO, CO2, NO, NO2, CH4, NH3, O2, H2O, HCl, HF and other gases. It can provide real-time and accurate data for process monitoring, safety monitoring and pollution testing.
Performance characteristics

High precision and extremely low drift;

High selectivity and no cross interference;

It can be used to measure high temperature gas, up to 1500℃;

It can be used to measure complex gas mixtures and their component changes;

It is not affected by dust;

It can perform in-situ measurement without sampling;

Response time: 1s;

Long maintenance period and low cost;

Gas concentration and temperature can be measured at the same time.

Industry application
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