YC 7500 remote motor vehicle exhaust sensing device

Product overview
The product series of YC7500 exhaust gas telemetry system are the most advanced, efficient and convenient exhaust gas telemetry products developed on the basis of accumulated technical experience of our company in the field of gas analysis. Including: YC7500-H horizontal fixed type, YC7500-W vertical fixed type and YC7500-V mobile vehicle-mounted series products. The exhaust components CO and CO2 are measured by the laser diode absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS technology) in the near-infrared band, HC and NO are measured by the ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) with ultraviolet light source, the opacity is measured by a green light source with a wavelength of 550-570nm, and the Ringelmann Blackness is photographed by video camera equipment.
Performance characteristics
• Host telemetry machine
The telemetry host includes a transmitter and a receiver, which measure the opacity of CO, CO2, HC and NO, respectively. The telemetry shell is made of stainless steel 304, is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, and can function normally in rain and snow.
• Auxiliary telemetry machine
The auxiliary telemetry machine reflects the measurement laser back to the host telemetry machine to complete the system measurement. High-precision emission lens and anti-corrosion coating technology are adopted to ensure that the measurement optical path is accurate, stable and reliable.
• Speed / acceleration measurement system < br / > High-precision speed radar is used to measure the speed and acceleration of the vehicle in real time. In combination with the laser measurement system of the host telemetry machine, it can measure the passing time, length and other information of the vehicle, so as to provide effective data support for more accurately measuring emission indicators of the vehicle.
• Environmental meteorological parameter measurement system For environmental meteorological parameters, high-precision sensors are used to measure such environmental meteorological information as wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other environmental parameters in real time, so as to provide meteorological information of equipment operation environment for telemetry data analysis and ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.
• Intelligent license plate recognition system
Through high-definition video capture cameras, high-definition lenses, flash lights and intelligent license plate recognition algorithms, it can realize such functions as license plate capture, video capture and video storage.
It can realize the functions of control drive of hardware equipment in the exhaust parameter system, the collection of sensor data, the information analysis and processing, the data storage and network uploading, and achieve the functions of motor vehicle screening, exhaust gas measurement, license plate capture, and over-standard law enforcement.
Industry application
Pollutant emission monitoring of motor vehicles
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