WS1503 online automatic water quality monitor for ammonia nitrogen conten

Product overview
The salicylic acid spectrophotometry is adopted for WS1503 online automatic water quality monitor for ammonia nitrogen content. In the presence of alkaline medium and sodium nitrosoferricyanide (sodium nitroprusside), ammonium reacts with salicylate and hypochlorite ions to form a water-soluble blue compound. This substance has a maximum absorption at 697nm. By photoelectric colorimetry, the ammonia nitrogen content in the water sample is measured according to Lambert-Beer law. Then, a specific masking agent is added to remove the interference of cations (especially calcium and magnesium ions).
Performance characteristics
The three-stage precision photoelectric metering device is used to realize fast and accurate reagent extraction and greatly reduce the impact of peristaltic pump tube aging;
the precise temperature compensation algorithm and ambient light elimination measures can keep the accuracy consistently regardless of in spring, summer, autumn and winter;
highly reliable reagent selection valve and digestion bottle assembly has a low failure rate and low maintenance workload;
The low-temperature condensing device has overcome the problem of long-term storage of reagents.
Industry application
Sewage treatment plant, corporate sewage outlet, water station