AQ7100 micro air station

Product overview
AQ7100 micro ambient air quality monitoring system is an all-weather outdoor automatic monitoring terminal. It is composed of a sample gas collection unit, a gaseous pollutant testing unit, a particulate testing unit, a meteorological five-parameter sensor, a data transmission unit and a power supply system. It is mainly used to monitor SO2, NO2, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and wind speed. It is made of steel materials, can adapt to all-weather and complex environments, and can work reliably in various complex environments.
Performance characteristics
1. The imported top brand sensors are used to realize high precision, sensitive response and stable data.
2. It is provided with an automatic heating function to ensure stable operation at low temperature.
3. The built-in wireless transmission module uploads data in real time, of which the communication protocol conforms to the HJ212.
4. The shell, which is made of high-strength metal material and anti-corrosion coating, has a high degree of protection and is suitable for outdoor use.
5. It has the function of real-time remote calibration.
6. A plug-in design is adopted for the sensor, so that it is convenient for later maintenance and repair.
Industry application
Environmental monitoring of pollution from stationary sources, e.g. urban living quarters and industrial parks;
Unorganized environmental monitoring of road traffic, catering, etc.;
Regional pollution spread monitoring in the transportation areas around key polluted areas;
Grid management and monitoring of ambient air.